Best Autosurf Traffic Exchanges

eBesucher * 0.8 Customizable timer and delivery rate, geotargeting. Can sell credits for cash. Multi-language site.
10KHits * 0.8 Surf in browser or special exchanger app. Upgraded members get geotargeting and custom traffic sources.
yibbida * 0.75 1:1 Surf Ratio on both our Auto Surf and Manual Surf.
Hit4Hit 20 0.8 Also provides manual visits and banner views. Vote for the best site via Battle Pages system.
247AutoHits 30 0.5 Convert credits to banner and text link views. 50% cash commissions for upgraded members.
Klixion 10 0.5 Surf in browser or a special viewer application.
autosurfmaisvisitas 30 0.5 start auto surf and making money!
ManyHit 10 0.8 Launch unlimited autosurf instances from different IPs. Also has manual surf with cash rewards.
NetVisiteurs * 1 French autosurf with custom referer, framebreaker protection, and option to get unique visitors.
Tehitz 12 0.5 Auto Surf With Anonymous Referrer.
Beamed 10 0.5 Good Alexa Ranking is a key indicator of a healthy & successful Website or Blog. As a rule of thumb.
World Wide Autosurf 12 0.5 Offers banner & text ads, PTC. Complete offers to earn upgrades. Supports PayPal and cryptocurrency. 10 0.5 French autosurf with framebreaker protection.
Hitssurfer 10 0.5 FREE and open your browser and let the system do the work.
NoClickSurf 12 0.33 500 hit signup bonus. Random prize pages as you surf.
Lautosurf 10 0.5 French autosurf with framebreaker protection.
Tibarank 20 0.5 our viewer just work with Mozila Firefox Browser.